30 Days To A Healthier, More “Fitter” You Series! (Rejecting The Mainstream Crowd)

“My grandmother started walking five miles a day when she was sixty. She’s ninety-seven now, and we don’t know where the heck she is.”  ~ Ellen DeGeneres

Yesterday, we talked about the five most common excuses for skipping exercise along with some ways to combat them by removing the barriers. 

It’s now time to face your excuses head-on so that you can overcome them and choose to live a healthier, happier lifestyle!

fun exercisePart of the successful habit of moving your body, involves you rejecting the mainstream crowd and getting comfortable just doing what’s healthy, fun and comfortable for you, regardless of what the other people might say about it! 

Just because they forgot how to be creative and have fun with exercise doesn’t mean you have to limit your fun to their lack of imagination.

I perform many different exercises on a frequent basis, from river-walking and playing Frisbee to playing muddy horse-shoes in the rain, dancing like a wild woman in front of the bonfire, climbing large hay bales, hiking through the forest and biking in river beds.  All of which I love

My exercise is always fun and enjoyable and it never feels like work to me.  

So find an exercise that you enjoy and do that with abundant joy

If you hate aerobic dance, don’t join an aerobics class. If you hate the gym, don’t spend your time there. Instead, experiment with exercises you’ve never tried before. 

Is there an exercise that makes you feel physically empowered? Do that one!!

The most important thing is to keep your body MOVING and find an exercise that you will stick with!!  

Over the next week I am going to discuss the different types of exercise so that you have a better understanding for the benefits that each modality provides.

Healthy Living Fittercise:progress not perfection

Don’t worry about being perfect, instead be kind and appreciate yourself for the person that you already ARE.

Becoming a more healthy and happy person is the ultimate “goal” and the path towards your health and well-being.  Strive for progress, not perfection.

When it comes to exercise, don’t conform to the norm by performing exercises that you hate.

Perform exercises that you enjoy.  

Get up and move your body with abundant joy!!

In what ways do you like to move your body?  What exercises do you “like” to perform that make you feel good no matter what others may think about it? I would love to hear from you!

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Healthy Blessings,

 Gena Livings



  1. Thank you for the wonderful article to do what I enjoy! Exercise doesn’t have to be 1,2,3 and counted by seconds I needed that little booster/reminder!
    Kim Steadman recently posted…I think I can mindsetMy Profile

    • Hi Kim!
      You are very welcome!
      Thank you for reading, commenting and having some fun today with new thoughts for exercise!

      Healthy blessings,
      Gena 🙂

  2. Great post! I really need to start being healthier now even though school takes up most of my time!
    Ebony Jay recently posted…REVIEW, PHOTOS AND SWATCHES: BareMinerals Mineral VeilMy Profile

    • Hi Ebony Jay!
      Thanks for reading my article today and commenting!
      There are lots of ways to stay fit and healthy at school!
      You can pack your lunch with lots of healthy delicious food and find some fun ways to exercise around campus.
      When I was going to school I ran up and down the stairs, biked to some of my classes and used the picnic benches
      for tricep dips! I just snuck in a little exercise here at there 5-10 minutes at a time!
      Healthy blessings,
      Gena 🙂

  3. It’s so important that whatever exercise you choose to do is one you enjoy. When I worked in an office it was literally next door to a gym. I used to go every lunchtime for an hour and I loved it. I hated the gym itself (yawn, boring, full of sweaty would-be muscle men) but I joined the cycle class and body pump, a hard-core weight lifting class done to music. It was full-on RAR! I absolutely loved it, and to be honest that was the worst bit of losing my job when I had to stop going! I would get very cross if work got in the way and I missed a class. Hmm, perhaps that’s why they let me go 😉 I realised for me to really enjoy exercise I need some sort of external competition as motivation, so I shall give this some more thought. Thanks for another great post!

    • Hi Andrea!
      I use to teach the spin cycle class at the fitness facility that I worked at! I agree with you that cycle class is a TON of fun!! Lot’s of energy in the room too which also makes it such an enjoyable time for everyone!

      Participating in a Fitness classes, in general, is a good way to keep the motivation flowing. It’s fun to meet different people with the same interests and everyone is always encouraging each other along the way. It’s a fun, positive atmosphere so I always encourage people to get involved with these types of classes if that resonates with them.

      p.s. Maybe you should become a “personal trainer” that way your work becomes your workout! They surely won’t let you go for doing your job. Just sayin – LOL!! 😉

      Healthy blessings,

  4. commitment to doing healthy activities out of a busy schedule is so important. thanks for inspiring me on a lazy sunday 🙂
    Amar Naik recently posted…Travel theme: DelicateMy Profile

    • Hi Amar!
      I am so glad that I could “inspire” you to move your body on this lazy Sunday morning!
      That is what I’m here for!! 🙂 🙂

      Healthy blessings,
      Gena 🙂

  5. Dear Gena,

    WOOHOO! Yeah! It has to be fun! It has to be something I want to do and feel good doing! When I learned that, it all became so very simple.

    One day, when I was struggling with this, I just sat down and look at all the fun things I did in my youth that I just did. I didn’t think of it as “exercise” even though it was.

    I loved to swim, scuba dive, dance (OMG DANCING WAS MY PASSION! so that is what I started doing again. Mostly swimming and dancing.

    Like you, often times, just dancing in the house.

    Now, I really love walling with my hubby and puppy and also the “shaky shaky” exercise I got from you and I’ve recently added some 15 second isometric things.


    I love your posts. I look forward to more.

    I’m going to share this.

    Kathy Hadley recently posted…In Optimism There Is MagicMy Profile

    • Hi Kathy!
      I am so glad that you enjoyed my article today! 🙂
      It sounds like you have many ways to keep your exercise fun and enjoyable! That’s the ticket – Woohoo!!
      Some people really enjoy intense workouts and that is perfectly okay too as long each person is moving their body in a way that feels good to them.
      Like I said in my article, our bodies were created to “move” so if we don’t exercise in healthy moderation our bodies eventually become weak and they begin to break down earlier than necessary. All it takes is a little dancing around our living rooms to keep our heart strong and bodies in happy health!

      Thanks for commenting and sharing how you like to exercise.
      Swimming, the shaky-shaky and dancing are both excellent forms of healthy body movement!
      I’m not sure what “walling” is so I’ll have to ask you about that! Unless you mean rock climbing “walling”?
      Healthy blessings,

  6. I enjoy weight lifting a lot. Not only barbel and dumbbell that I use, but also my own weight. I do really love this series and try to follow it all along. Thank you for sharing.
    Adelien recently posted…A Sunday Reflection on Loving IndiscriminatelyMy Profile

    • Hi Adelien!
      I really enjoy weight lifting also. I love it because it’s the one exercise that really keeps my body tone and fit looking.
      To me, that’s motivating.
      Healthy blessings,
      Gena 🙂

  7. Awesome.

    Exercise is like anything else…find what fits and stick with it. Why engage in something that you don’t like? You’ll probably end up quitting it anyway. I like your no nonsense approach…if you don’t like aerobic dance, then don’t join an aerobics class.

    I love your common sense…your Fitlosophy 🙂

    Penny McDaniel recently posted…Beneath the VeilMy Profile

    • Hello Penny!
      Thank you for your continued inspiration!
      I appreciate you beyond measure!!
      Healthy blessings,
      Gena xxoo 🙂

  8. I get stuck with the mindset that if I don’t follow a program or challenge exactly, I’ll not succeed. I end up quitting before I ever get started.
    Tami @ This Mom’s Delight recently posted…A Blog Post a Day Will Keep the Doctor AwayMy Profile

    • Hi Tami!
      This is a common area where a lot of people get a little stuck from time to time so you are not alone.
      It’s helpful in this case to hire someone (a trainer – a coach) to help you stay accountable for a little while until you
      gain the momentum to stay accountable to yourself.
      I’v worked with many people over the years in this same situation and sometimes we all need a little help and support to just get going…

      Healthy blessings,
      Gena 🙂

  9. I hate the gym. I know that’s a strong word, but I do. I hate it. So I don’t go. Instead you’ll find me at the dojo doing what I love, love, love. Last night was a double dose of Muay Thai Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Today you might find me on my yoga mat in savasana 🙂
    Peggy Nolan recently posted…3 Important Lessons From A Recovering People PleaserMy Profile

    • Hi Peggy!
      You are definitely not following the mainstream crowd and instead sticking with exercises that you enjoy!
      I love that you are doing what you love to do instead of what other people think you should be doing!

      You are a wonderful example of my message today!
      Thank you for commenting
      Healthy Blessings,
      Gena 🙂

  10. have you tried calorie-counting? My mom is a datiebic and needs to loose major pounds… her Dr. suggested calorie-counting (it’s been three months and she has lost 40 pounds!!)… search calorie counters on google (or yahoo) and you can type in a food… and it will give you the amount of calories in that food! I would suggest cutting your calorie intake down to a maximum of 1500 calories per day… it isn’t easy… but tell yourself ‘this is a lifestyle choice’. also record your calories on a notebook or computer… it will help you!GOOD LUCK! Was this answer helpful?

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