30 Days To A Healthier, More “Fitter” You Series! (The Well Being Workout)

well-being workoutTaking care of your physical body is a powerful step towards mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

This is because our mind, body and spirit are linked. 

For example, exercise not only strengthens our heart and lungs, but also releases endorphins, which are powerful chemicals that energize us and lifts our spirit and our mood. 

In order to maintain and strengthen your mental, spiritual and emotional health, it’s also important to pay attention to your own needs and feelings.

For example, don’t let stress and negative emotions build up inside you as this causes dis-ease and sickness in your physical body.

Refer to Kathy Hadley’s article here to get a list of some of the most common dis-eases and their Spiritual Causes.

Try to maintain a healthy balance between your daily responsibilities and the things you enjoy.

If you take care of yourself on every level, you will be better prepared to deal with challenges if and when they arise!

When you incorporate “the well being workout” into your regular practice this will offer all kinds of mental, spiritual and physical health benefits like improved cardiovascular performance, flexibility, mental clarity and stress reduction. 

Learn more here on how to live a balanced lifestyle by utilizing the four stabilizers of health.

You can also find out your current level of well being in each dimension of wellness by answering the questions in this self assessment test.

For more on healthy living with a positive approach Click here to get a complimentary online hand-guide of “The Livings Key Principles – For Creating Wholeness, Peace and Health From The Inside Out!”

Healthy Blessings,

Gena Livings


  1. This is just what I needed today! It works perfectly with me setting my positive intention for today! Also a gentle reminder to live through movement. Thank you for this gift!
    Raphael “Doctah” Love recently posted…Time For Motivation To Get SH*T Done NowMy Profile

    • Dear Raphael,
      You are so very welcome!!
      I’m so happy that you caught my article today and that it came to you in perfect timing for setting a positive intention!

      Many Healthy blessings to you!
      Gena 🙂

  2. What a fabulous balance of movement and kindness!
    Plus all the links to ge even deeper in the information available.
    paulabuenosaires recently posted…AEDM 13 Day 19 When time flies and I discover some mistakes but carry on regardlessMy Profile

    • Hi Paula,
      Thank You!!
      I’m so happy to know that you enjoyed the well being workout and all my healthy living articles! 🙂

      Healthy blessings,
      Gena 😉

  3. Love the daily well-being workout. Easily achievable and a good starting point for those who are just getting going. A lovely start to the day and a great reminder of how to be every day. Fabulous!

    • Thank you Andrea!!!
      Wooohoooo – I love the daily well being workout too!
      It makes me happy to perform it each day!
      Healthy blessings my friend and thank you for commenting! 🙂

  4. Dear Gena,

    Another great post! It is amazing how simple it can all be.

    And exercise is a REAL “pick me up” even in small quantities!



    And also thanks for linking to my List of Spiritual Causes for Diseases, too!
    Kathy Hadley recently posted…Are You A Big Fat Liar?My Profile

    • Hello Kathy!!
      I agree!
      It is all so easy and exercise doesn’t have to be hard, it just has to be healthy!

      I love to do the shaky shaky and this well-being exercise to lift my mood and energize my mind, body and spirit!!

      Thank you for commenting,
      Healthy blessings,
      Gena 🙂

      • Because of YOU, Gena, Richard and I have added your simple little exercises as part of our daily routine!

        And you know….I LOVE the “shaky, shaky” one!


        Kathy Hadley recently posted…Are You A Big Fat Liar?My Profile

        • I love that Kathy!
          I love that Richard is doing these exercises with you and that you have both incorporated them into your routine!
          That’s so wonderful and makes me so very happy! 🙂 🙂

          Healthy blessings!
          Gena :0

  5. I love the daily well-being workout! So simple to implement!

    Physical exercise definitely helps us with our metaphysical labor pains…makes the process go a little more smoothly 🙂

    Great approach, Gena.
    Penny McDaniel recently posted…No Blame No GameMy Profile

    • Hi Penny!
      I love what you said about exercising helping our metaphysical labor pains! Isn’t that the truth!
      Thank you again my friend!!
      Healthy blessings,
      Gena 🙂

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