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101 Reasons To Go Vegan

why go veganLast week we talked about what it means to become a conscious vegan eater.

Many of us are drawn to a vegan lifestyle for various  reasons.

Some of us want to live longer, healthier lives or do our part to reduce pollution on the planet.

Others have made the switch because we want to preserve Earth’s natural resources or because we’ve always loved animals and are ethically opposed to eating them.

In any case, being a vegan and/or a vegetarian requires commitment, discipline and awareness. Eating with conscious awareness is a decision that affects the physical and emotional body; thus, it should not be taken lightly.

I therefore encourage you to watch this powerful one hour presentation to help deepen your awareness and to gain a broader understanding of where our food comes from, what it takes to get it to our plate, and how animal food production impacts other creatures and our environment.

See you next week!

Peace be with you, and may you always find light on your path, good health, and true friends to make the journey with you.

Gena Livings



  1. In the future being vegan won’t be a thing, the same way being a veggie isn’t a thing. Let’s not make it a thing now.

    • Thank you for sharing your opinion today Nick. I always appreciate an honest viewpoint.

      I never thought in a million years that it would be my “thing” either so I can totally relate to where you are coming from.

      Choosing a vegan and/or a vegetarian lifestyle is not for everyone and not everyone will make this choice in their lifetime but everyone’s choice matters and I value everyone’s viewpoint, including yours!

      Have a great day – wishing you Peace and Blessings. .
      Gena Livings

  2. Visiting from UBC. I don’t know that I could ever be ‘vegan’ in the strict sense of the word. I definitely would like to up my family’s consumption of veg and fruit, though. They are such carnivores. :/

    • Hi LuAnn,
      You definitely don’t have to go vegan all at once.

      Just by upping your consumption of fruits and veggies can help get you and your family started in the right direction!

      You can do simple and fun things with your family like enjoying a “Meatless Monday” for example, where you don’t eat any meat on Monday’s. You can make it fun by having your family participate in recipe ideas.

      For example, you can make pizza without the meat for dinner and spaghetti without meatballs. The recipe ideas are endless. Whatever you do HAVE FUN in the process!

      Healthy Blessings,
      Gena Livings

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