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Egg Free Substitutes

eggsDid you know that we don’t need eggs in our diet to stay fit and healthy?  In fact, I just learned yesterday that the Harvard Physicians Health Study, which followed 20,000 doctors for over twenty years and found that those doctors consuming at least one egg a day had a significantly higher mortality risk, which essentially suggests that consuming even just one egg a day is significantly associated with a shorter lifespan. 

This is not great news for those who like their omelets in the morning but when it comes to taste, I recently discovered that this tofu scramble beats omelets hands down! 

Thankfully grocery stores today offer several choices for egg-free substitutes to use in all your recipes.  You can even replace an egg in a recipe with half a mashed banana or a few spoonfuls of applesauce or flaxseed.  You can even try grilling some vegan black bean burgers held together by tomato paste, salsa and/or some bread crumbs mixed with your favorite seasonings for a little extra kick.  It just takes a bit of creativity and some interior decorating in your refrigerator to find new ways to be fit, healthy and cruelty-free.

So as you can see, removing eggs from your diet is easier and healthier than ever!  Today there is a multitude of delicious and humane egg-free options.  Check out this great list of egg-free replacements and some easy vegan recipes to help you get started. These egg replacements range from fruit to flaxseed, pumpkin puree to potato starch which helps you decide which fits best with your favorite recipes.

baby chickAnother important reason to stop eating eggs is because egg hatcheries continually breed birds so they have a fresh supply of hens to lay eggs for profit.  What you might not know is that if the babies in these hatcheries turn out to be males, they’re considered “useless” because males don’t lay eggs.

As a result, these baby male chicks are tossed ALIVE into the trash, crying out for their lost mothers, or thrown ALIVE into huge rendering machines (giant grinders) so they can be ground-up and used as feed for other animals.  The female chicks have portions of their beaks cut off while they’re fully conscious to prevent them from pecking each other in their overcrowded environments.  The beak mutilations keep the profit levels high because injured hens are inefficient egg-layers.

I know this is shocking and horrific to hear but you must know where your food comes from in order to make conscious and compassionate choices going forward. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again; When we are fortunate enough to live in an era and a culture that provides plentiful access to plant-based foods year round, and a “choice” between sparing life or taking it, I have come to the conclusion that there is nothing logical or ethical to me about rejecting compassion and choosing death and suffering for animals just because we like the taste of their flesh.

Here is a short video that shows what happens inside an industrial chicken hatchery.  This video is disturbing and heart breaking to watch but allows you to make informed choices based on compassion and empathy instead of cruelty and brutality.

May we each open our hearts to live in right relationship to have compassion for all beings so that we may live in peace and harmony with love for ALL!

Peace be with you, and may you always find light on your path, good health, and true friends to make the journey with you.

Gena Livings

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  1. It’s just awful the way chickens are treated in these industrial hatcheries.
    Barbara recently posted…Parmesan Baked Sweet PotatoesMy Profile

    • I know. It breaks my heart and that is why I have chosen to adopt a plant based diet. I feel so much better in my heart.

      Thank you for commenting today and reading my article.
      Healthy Blessings,
      Gena 🙂

  2. One more reason to buy free range eggs or keep your own chickens in the yard.
    Lee-Anne Turley recently posted…Alpacas at O’Reilly’sMy Profile

    • Hi Lee-Ann,

      The only problem with “free range” eggs that you buy at the grocery store is that the male chickens are treated in the same manner and the female hens are still kept in small living quarters. Free range in factory farming is just a “word” to make the consumer feel better about purchasing their eggs. I will do another blog post in the future to help consumers better understand what free range actually means in the factory farm industry.

      The only true meaning of free range is when people raise chickens/hens at their home.

      Thank you for commenting and I hope this helps to explain a little more about what free range eggs mean.


  3. My parents are still keeping chickens after more than 40 years and they all have names. They happily scratch around in the garden and their eggs are delicious. If I didn’t have this option to eat eggs then I probably wouldn’t! Great article Gena
    Susan Marot recently posted…Top ten sales KPI’s that will quickly skyrocket your performanceMy Profile

    • Those sound like some very happy chickens Susan! I wish that “all” chickens/hens could have a happy and nurturing home like the one your parents provide. You are very blessed to have parents who lovingly care for their animals.
      Gena 🙂 <3

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