Are You Losing Weight For All The Right Reasons?

If your true intention towards losing weight is because you truly care about yourself and your well-being and not because you are trying to please or get approval from other people then your chances of keeping it off “forever” are greatly multiplied. Before losing weight, be honest with yourself by being authentic about your true intentions. It is true that losing weight can make you feel better about yourself initially, but it’s not the ultimate key to a lifetime of happiness and fulfillment. Being over-weight can cause you to feel unhappy but it can also be a symptom towards your unhappiness.

The human heart can only be fulfilled through Love. We first have to consciously choose to embrace and experience the peace and joy within by shifting our behavior and attitudes to a place of well-being by appreciating and loving ourselves first. It is in this place that we will successfully lose the extra weight and keep it off forever!

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