Be the Supermodel of Generosity

Be the Supermodel of Generosity.  Everyone has something to give. You don’t have to have a lot to give, to give a lot. Give a smile to a stranger, open a door for someone whose hands are full, allow a busy mom to go ahead of you in the line at the grocery store, give someone your seat on the bus, sit by a person in church who’s sitting alone, lend a book that uplifts you to a friend, be patient with a difficult person at work, volunteer an hour of time per week at a food bank or charity, simply give a kind word to a fellow human being. It’s so simple to give, even when you have very little. What you give to someone today — something that costs nothing to give — may just be the only thing they get today from anyone. Be a stunningly beautiful giver and model your generosity for others so they can see how beautiful giving can be. ~Written by Karen Burch, from WayPoints by Karen Burch – Image and passage by  Gena Livings,  from

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