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Becoming a Conscious Vegan Eater

Last week we talked about becoming a future vegansvegetarian/vegan and how friends and family members might react to your decision.

The transition to this lifestyle has gained some serious momentum over the past several years and will continue to evolve as more and more people increase their awareness.

Many of us have been blissfully ignoring where our food comes from for decades and we are only now beginning to realize that what we choose to buy and eat has a tremendous impact on our environment, on our health, on other human beings and on the welfare of the animals. Everything we put in our mouth has a direct impact on the world we live in.

Since eating is so central to our lives, it seems to me that eating consciously can be the very foundation of our conscious life.

To quote a friend of mine; “We are being asked to speak up with the truth while being loving and kind to each other – all creatures included. Consciousness is changing and people are slowly speaking up and working together to create a happier, healthier world.”

Changing what we eat to conform to a more conscious lifestyle takes time and effort but most of all, an “awareness” of where our food comes from. It is easy to ignore the detrimental effects that many of our eating choices have on our world, but it is much more congruent to be aware of our actions, because it is our actions that define us.

The influential “Ecotheologian” Thomas Berry reaches the same conclusion. “Vegetarianism is a way of life that we should all move toward for economic survival, physical well-being, and spiritual integrity.”

When you know where your food comes from and make eating choices based on a conscious attitude towards your effect on the world, you will not only become a more enlightened human being, but your food will taste better, there will be less suffering in the world and you will be healthier.

This was a fun “awareness building experiment” when Oprah Winfrey challenged her staff to go Vegan for one week. See what happens in this segment of her show.

See you next week!

Peace be with you, and may you always find light on your path, good health, and true friends to make the journey with you.

Gena Livings




  1. No matter what you eat you should eat with conscious thought. Recently I was on a flight from New York to Philadelphia. Very short flight so no food service. A young woman brought a salad on the plane and after take off she begin to eat. But the eating was like shoveling snow no conscious thought. I realize she may have been hungry but for me that quiet observation stuck to me. I realize she barely tasted her food much less appreciated it.
    Linda Hampton recently posted…5 Easy Strategies to Break Bad HabitsMy Profile

    • That was a great observation Linda and right on target!
      When we eat consciously we slow down and pay attention to the food in our mouth, the flavor and texture of the food, how it feels when it glides down our throat and into our stomach. When we eat consciously we pay attention to each sensation that happens during eating, such as chewing, tasting and swallowing. It’s hard to enjoy your food if it is eaten in a mad rush.

      Eating consciously also means paying attention to how our food is impacting our health, the well-being of the animals and the environment at large. This type of conscious eating is being explored on a greater scale today then ever before!

      Thank you so much for your comment today and sharing your story!
      Healthy Blessings,
      Gena Livings

  2. I’m all for eating healthier and with more thought and planning. I’m not a proponent of being solely vegetarian or vegan, but certainly support those who choose that lifestyle.
    K. Lee Banks recently posted…Fight Negativity by Focusing on the Positive – February 8 InspirationMy Profile

    • Thank you for commenting today K. Lee Banks.
      Healthier eating with more thought and planning is definitely a positive step towards creating more awareness.
      Healthy Blessings,
      Gena Livings


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