Connecting With Nature Inspires Happiness!

natureBeing outside in nature inspires feelings of awe and wonder and acquaints us with our higher self. ~ Gena Livings

Our lives are so scheduled today that we seldom have a moment to collect our thoughts.  Between the demands of work, family, and social activities, little time remains for personal contemplation and connecting with our true spirit. 

And, even when free moments do arise, we often fill the time with television, or the internet. 

There is nothing necessarily wrong with these activities, but they can rob us of a great treasure by enjoying moments of quiet solitude in the natural world.

Getting back to nature can improve our emotional, physical and mental well-being.  

It slows us down, takes us out of our normal routines, and reminds us that we live on a remarkable and beautiful planet. 

Nature surrounds us with countless signs of God’s (The Infinite Intelligence) presence. 

Being outside in nature inspires feelings of awe and wonder and acquaints us with our higher self by placing us in direct connection with our true spirit.

Not only is the natural world beautiful but it can be a source of solace, healing, insight and regeneration.  Here we can be inspired, recharge our batteries, and be in direct partnership with The Higher Intelligence and mother earth.

Our body’s mechanism, like nature, is very organized and follows a precise plan, just as the stars do in the sky. 

Just like the natural world, you have that same kind of natural reservoir inside every cell of your being. 

By gradually cultivating your relationship with nature – you will find a feeling of peaceful serenity permeating your soul.

Nature is tranquil and calming.  The singing birds, the rustling leaves, the bubbling brook evoke a quiet tranquility within our spirit that links us to the divine. 

By connecting with nature we can direct our lives inward and connect with what’s most important to us by accessing a larger part of ourselves in relationship to the universe as a whole.

When you spend time outdoors, especially being active, you can lift your mood, think more positively, feel more internal calm, and experience greater harmony with the world around you. 

The earth gym is the most superior gym imaginable-for our bodies, our souls, and ultimately, our consciousness and internal well-being.

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Healthy Blessings,

Gena Livings






  1. Because of my work schedule (working weekends) it has been really difficult for us the last few years to go camping. Sure we go places that have bathrooms, and showers and ocassionally find sites that have electric (so we can bring our satelite radio), but we really enjoy going for walks around the campsite, or just laying in chairs at our site, watching the birds, and listening for animals. Its very relaxing, and a good way to recharge!
    Diane recently posted…My First Experiences With Cats (Guest Post)My Profile

    • Hi Diane,
      It’s such a beautiful thing when a person creates the time to immerse themselves in natures stillness. Camping is such a wonderful way to experience nature and get you away from your daily routine. Whenever life is a little bit stressful, or things aren’t going too good, taking a trip that involves sleeping outside under the stars and walking in the woods definitely creates a sense of calm, happiness and internal well-being.
      Healthy blessings,
      Gena 🙂

  2. This is a wonderful piece.
    I am in total agreement with you regarding taking out time to connect with nature and self but god,not so much-to each their own.
    Introspection is an important part of life,too.
    Tarusha recently posted…She had the last laugh.My Profile

    • Hello Tarusha,
      Thank you so much for commenting today and reading my article.
      Reflection and introspection is truly an important element of our overall well-being and the quieting of nature is a gift to our spirit.
      Healthy blessings,
      Gena 🙂

  3. Dear Gena,

    Not only do I totally agree and LOVE this message, I’m in awe over how beautifully written this is.

    It is like reading poetry.

    It touches the depths of my soul.

    It is so very true that being in nature is very good for you.

    I have often times thought of the brilliance of the people who made sure that parks would be left in cities.

    I think it keeps people from going even more hectic/mildly insane (not really insane 😉 )than they are now.

    Thank you for sharing your unique wisdom in your unique way with all of us.


    Kathy Hadley recently posted…Facebook & Google Algorithms Work Like The Law of Attraction – Day 26 of 31 Days of A New LifeMy Profile

    • Dear Kathy,

      Thank you for your lovely complement and reading my article today.
      I was so blessed to have a father who introduced me to nature and the great outdoors at a very early age. He worked very hard and for very long hours at his home based business but always created time to take our family on hiking and backpacking trips.

      He taught me how to connect with the natural world and with God by being still in the wonder and mystery. He taught me how to be in a state of high gratitude for all that is and to enjoy the great miracle that is also a part of me.

      My father was my greatest teacher in this area and his memory continues to inspire the beauty within as I feel and see him everywhere in God’s creation.

      Healthy blessings with love and gratitude,
      Gena 🙂

      • Ah! That is such a heartwarming story.

        God bless your father!

        As children, we were always outside in all kinds of weather.

        It is actually amazing to me know when I look back that so much of my life my parents, grandparents and other relatives taught me all of these ways of thinking and living and being that align with the highest and best of Universe Laws even though they probably none of them knew it by that name.

        Like your father, they just knew what made them happy and feel good and what was really good for them.

        We are so blessed.

        Thank you again,

        Kathy Hadley recently posted…Do You Believe That You Have Lived Before and Will Live Again?My Profile

  4. Hi Gena. Loved this post! Whenever I go for a walk in nature, it always raises my spirits. We’ve just recently moved (yes again!!) to near the seaside in a different part of the country. yesterday it was blowing a gale and heavy rain, but we went out for a little walk by the sea anyway. It was exhilarating and we all came back feeling great, if a little damp and windswept. There’s something about walking in Mother Nature and connecting like that which just brings me alive somehow. I agree that watching too much television is draining. We’ve just spent a month or so living with someone who does not have a TV, and do you know what? We had to all talk to each other! It was great! Blessings, Andrea

    • Dear Andrea!
      How lovely that you were able to take a walk by the sea at your new location. I didn’t realize that you moved again but I love everything about the sea! I love the deep purple and orange sunsets, the feeling of sand under my feet, the sparkle of the ocean when it glistens off the sun, peaceful shores and seasoned driftwood, being hugged by gentle solitude, feeling the fresh cool salty breeze rush past my skin and the sound of seagulls flying overhead. All these things, and more, I love about the sea.

      I wish you so many beautiful blessings at your new location. Even if it’s only temporary, may you embrace the experience and find happiness and joy in the moment.
      Healthy Blessings,
      Gena 🙂

      • Thank you Gena! Actually my partner has a job that starts on Monday, so we’re rather hoping the move will be permanent, even though it’s been rather unexpected. It’s all very exciting, and shows what can happen when you let go of the ‘hows’… Blessings, Andrea

        • Absolute Truth Andrea!
          I wish you and your partner beauty, peace and joy!
          Healthy blessings,

  5. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE being out in nature. Not only does it fill my lungs with fresh air, it calms my mind and my spirit, and it gives me the Vitamin D that I need from the sun.

    Nicely done, Gena.

    • Hello Penny,
      Indeed, being outdoors fills our lungs with fresh air and is a wonderful source of natural Vitamin D that our body needs to stay vibrant and healthy!
      Thank you for commenting!
      Healthy blessings,
      Gena 🙂

  6. Dear Gena,
    Beautiful message tonight before I go rest.
    It’s so cold outside, no desire for nature in the moment.
    “Nature is tranquil and calming. The singing birds, the rustling leaves, the bubbling brook evoke a quiet tranquility within our spirit that links us to the divine.”
    Your above description I can only visualize in my mind and spirit. Thank you for sharing.
    Sweet dreams,
    Peace and blessings.
    bonnie recently posted…Welcome to Day 7 of my 12 days of Change to Ignite the New Year EventMy Profile

    • Hello Bonnie,
      Thank you for reading my article tonight before drifting off to sleep.
      May the vision of nature keep you relaxed, calm and at peace in your mind, body and spirit.
      Nature is a source of healing.
      Healthy blessings and thank you so much for commenting –
      Gena 🙂

  7. I like being outside because most if the time there is no radio, telephone, tv. etc. I do not like any of these. I personally like peace and quiet. IT gives me time to think and reflect. Nice article.
    Debbie recently posted…January Happenings Selling Goat Milk SoapMy Profile

    • Dear Debbie,
      Beautifully stated. Like you, I enjoy being outdoors with the peace and quiet. I find that I don’t miss radio, television or telephone when I’m surrounded by the beauty of nature. This is fulfilling in itself.
      Thank you for commenting –
      Healthy blessings,

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