Connecting with nature

Today is the start of a new day to move your body, awaken your mind, and renew and revitalize your spirit!
Did you know that being out in nature is perhaps the most powerful source for personal empowerment? When you work out in the fresh air, you not only enhance your physical-mental-emotional condition, you also deepen the connection you have with the environment. Exercising in nature, is a holistic approach to fitness that honors the interconnection of body, mind, emotion, and the environment.
When you spend time outdoors, especially being active, you can lift your mood, think more positively, feel more internal calm, and experience greater harmony with the world around you. The natural world right outside your door is actually the most superior gym imaginable-for our bodies, our souls, and ultimately, our consciousness.
So get outside and move your body! Renew a powerful personal connection to the natural world, one that will feed not just your body but also your soul!

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