Do You Choose To Be A Light In This World or Succumb To The Darkness?

When you choose to be the darkness by focusing on all the negative aspects in your life it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and you end up getting all kinds of negative consequences as a result of it. Not only do you feel dark and miserable inside your soul but you also make others around you feel dark and miserable inside their soul. 

On the other hand, when you choose to be a Light in this world by being positive about life, you feel more happy, you smile more often, and you’re a joy to be around. Your Light (your good mood and positive energy) rubs off on others and all good things start happening for you. Suddenly, your life is filled with possibilities, all because you chose to believe and remember that you are the Light!  You chose to remember who you are in God.   

John 9:5  reminds us:  ”While I am in the world, I am the light of the world.” 

In The book, Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch, he uses the story of the Little Soul In The Sun to illustrate that we are MORE than the darkness, we are the LIGHT.  We just have to remember who we are and then choose to be that. 

The Little Soul In The Sun Story: 


There once was a soul who knew itself to be the light. This was a new soul, and so, anxious for experience. 

 “I am the light,” it said.  “I am the light.” Yet all the knowing of it and all the saying of it could not substitute for the experience of it.  And in the realm from which this soul emerged, there was nothing but the light.  

Every soul was GRAND, every soul was MAGNIFICENT, and every soul shone with the brilliance of Gods awesome light.  And so the little soul in question was a candle in the sun.  In the midst of the grandest light –  of which it was a part – it could not see itself, nor experience itself as Who and What it Really is. 

Now it came to pass that this soul yearned and yearned to know itself.  And so great was its yearning that God one day said, “Do you know, Little One, what you must do to satisfy this yearning of yours?”  Oh what, God? What? I’ll do anything!” The little soul said. 

“You must separate yourself from the rest of us, “God answered, “and then you must call upon yourself the darkness.”  “What is the darkness, o Holy One?” the little soul asked. “That which you are not,” God replied, and the little soul understood. 

And so this the soul did, removing itself from the All yea, going even unto another realm.  And in this realm the soul had the power to call into its experience all sorts of darkness. And this it did. 

Yet in the midst of all the darkness did it cry out, “Father, Father, why hast Thou forsaken me?” 

Always know that even in your darkest hour there is forever light.   God has never forsaken you, but stands by you always, ready to remind you of Who You Really Are; ready, always ready, to call you home. 

When you make the choice to be a Positive Light in this world by focusing on positive thoughts, instead of negative thoughts – you are home in the mind of God.   

So why choose the negative (the darkness) when you can choose the positive (The Light!)



**This post is dedicated to John who transitioned this past Friday.  Thank you John for shining your positive light into Eternity!  I see you!**

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Healthy Blessings,

Gena Livings 


  1. Love that candle picture! And the story from Neale Donald Walsch is great, too. I am choosing to shine my light. Thanks for the encouragement.

    • Great Choice Anna!
      Thank you for stopping by and commenting,
      Healthy Blessings,
      Gena 🙂

  2. You post reminded me of a wonderful quote by Dale Carnegie

    “Two men looked out from prison bars,
    One saw the mud, the other saw stars.”

    No matter how deep we are in suffering God (the light) is still there. We just have to look in the right place within ourselves.

    • Amen to that Danny!
      Thank you for sharing this quote (excellent) and your great comment!! 🙂 🙂

      Healthy Blessings,

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