Do You Have a Positive Body Image?

Negative frequencies do not have good things on them. Get yourself onto the positive frequencies where your desires are sitting. To do that, look at every single thing in your life with NEW EYES; with grateful eyes, with positive eyes, and with eyes that only see the good. Adjust your vision and start to see clearly. Life is spectaclarly beautiful.

-The Secret – Daily Teachings- Rhonda Byrne

Soul-Work Exercise:
All of us perceive how our bodies appear in different ways. It’s so easy to focus on all the things you don’t like about yourself when you compare yourself to others. You may obsess about your waist size, while your best friend may wish her nose were smaller. Virtually everybody has hang-ups about some aspect of their bodies. Talking to yourself about all the positive things that you do like about yourself can help eliminate negative thoughts. Try not to focus on all the negative aspects and instead, think about how much you like your beautiful brown eyes or your long curly hair – It’s all Good and it’s all You!

Improving your body image is as simple as changing your mind about how you look. There are other parts of your life that bring joy and fulfillment. It is so important to remind yourself that your “value” reaches far beyond your physical appearance. Recognizing your strengths and talents will help you move beyond the surface level of your life and back into your center.

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