Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is Spiritual Fitness?

Spiritual Fitness is where we work on getting fit from the inside out!

  • Spiritual means (Internally Fit) = resulting in internal peace, happiness and overall well-being!

  • Fitness means (Externally Fit ) = resulting in a healthy, vibrant and beautiful body!

Is Spiritual Fitness Religious?  

No. Spiritual Fitness is the belief that life is a precious gift so we focus on our health, happiness and overall well-being so that we can touch the lives of others in a “positive” way.

As we grow deeper in our awareness, we begin to notice the changes that are occurring “within” our bodies and we gain an even deeper sense of well-being and happiness that is consistent and sustainable for life. We learn to grow more peaceful “within” because we are evolving on the inside and becoming a stronger, healthier person and moving toward our highest self.

What results can I expect to see and how will I benefit from Spiritual Coaching?

Excellent question!

  • The ability to maintain a healthy weight without starving or depriving yourself

  • Your moods will improve

  • You will have more energy

  • Your body will appear more toned and fit

  • You will have less stress

  • You will have more mental clarity

  • You will have more strength and stamina

  • You will have a healthy glow to your complexion

  • You will sleep better

  • You will experience a lifetime of health and happiness

What does this program include and what do I have to do?

You will be required to keep a daily food journal, a daily exercise journal and a daily gratitude journal.  These templates will be provided for you in the online training center.

You will be given weekly coursework that will assist you in reaching your goals.

We will have a 1hour weekly coaching call to ensure that you are staying on track. This will also be an opportunity for me to assist you with additional guidance and support in the areas of nutrition, exercise and healthy living.

We will also be communicating through e-mail on a weekly basis M-F.

See coaching section for more detailed information.

Do I need any exercise equipment for this program?  

If you have exercise equipment in your home, that is great but there are many exercises that you can do without having exercise equipment so we will come up with a program that’s right for you and for your individual needs.

Some of my clients even find it beneficial to work with a personal trainer, in addition, to  coaching with me in the area of nutrition and internal well-being.

What if I can’t find time to exercise?

Many people don’t exercise because they feel weighed down with other things, but exercise actually makes you more productive.

You’ll have less stress, a clearer head and a better perspective.

If you think that you don’t have time for exercise now – just think of all the time you’ll be spending in the doctors office down the road.

If you don’t take care of your body – your body will eventually fall apart with disease, illness, injury and your entire life will then be consumed with taking care of your body.  Your world becomes full of doctor’s, pains aches and worry.

The day you don’t make excuses is the day that your outside self will be fully aligned with your inside self.

Moderate Physical Exercise is an important component of overall health and well-being.

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