Focus on the possibilities, not the impossibilities

Focus on the possibilities, not the impossibilities. Keep dreaming “the impossible dream,” no matter what. Just keep dreaming about it because it feels good to you. It feels good to dream. It feels bad to dread. So keep doing what feels good, rather than doing what feels bad. The impossible dream you’re dreaming of may be far more possible than impossible. Daydream, day and night! Simply start thinking that your dream may be possible. Then start believing that it may be possible. When you start to think and believe that it may be possible, then automatically it becomes possible rather than impossible. And then you will start to make the possible VERY possible just by believing that it’s a possibility. You make the impossible possible by dreaming about it and focusing your thought and attention on the positives, not the negatives. Focus your dreams on the possibilities, rather than focusing your dread on the impossibilities. ~Written by Karen Burch, from Karen Burch, WayPoints by Karen Burch – Image and passage by  Gena Livings,

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