New Website Offers Spiritual Fitness to the Weary Body and Soul

A new website has been established to offer a virtual lifeline to the physically, emotionally and spiritually exhausted individual, who may be at the end of their rope.

The site; takes a holistic approach to individual health and offers one-on-one coaching to clients who are desperate for a new lease on life.  It advances the virtues of a complete spiritual fitness program as the pathway to taking charge of one’s health from the inside out.

In launching the site, Gena Livings, Lifestyle Modification Coach, Teacher of Spiritual Fitness and practitioner of healthy living, points out that a spiritual fitness program “focuses on the four areas of our being, that is; the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual”.

Giving details, she says; “Our mind, body, emotions and spirit are all connected and cannot be separated. These four areas are all aspects of our whole, not separate entities and to alter one, either positively or negatively, influences our whole being. When we view our body as a whole it impacts positively on our overall view of ourselves”.

Gena adds that persons who constantly feel tired and listless or who lack the energy to just get up and go, or are frustrated with not achieving their goals would benefit greatly from the program.  There are others she says who habitually harbor negative feelings about themselves, regardless of the fact that there are areas of their lives that are going great; “they too can begin to see things differently and start viewing their lives from a totally new perspective”.

Persons who sign up for the spiritual fitness program will benefit from Gena’s one-on-one coaching to ensure that they attain and stick to their goal.

The fitness expert points out that, “the goal of spiritual fitness is achieved when a person’s mood improves, they have more energy, less stress, clearer eyes, more mental clarity, more strength and stamina, a clearer complexion, better sleep patterns and experiences a generally more healthy and happy life”.

Before her epiphany, following the loss of her mother to cancer, Gena described herself as being in “constant survival mode and sleepwalking throughout the day”.  Reflecting on her past, she says that “for 18 years I worked in an intense corporate environment that left me totally depleted. The external pressures to do more, get more, and achieve more left me exhausted”.

According to Gena, the death of her mother made her view life differently. “I walked away from the corporate job and followed my heart to Bryan College. There I studied health and fitness and started learning about how to balance the body’s insulin levels with diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes so that diseases like cancer cannot flourish. I changed my own life from the inside out”.

“The shift from ‘just surviving’ to ‘thriving’ was so profound for me that I knew I must share it with others. I continue to ‘walk my talk’ and teach what I’ve learned to my private clients and a growing on-line community”.

Now Gena’s philosophy on life revolves around the fact that “when you create a lasting shift in perspective from the inside, you can change the way you see yourself on the outside”.

If this is what you desire for your life then reach out to Gena for a personal consultation. Do not allow yourself to go through another day lacking the healthy energy you are meant to have. The pathway to spiritual fitness is just a click away. Visit and begin living a healthy and spiritually wealthy life the way it was meant to be!

Press Release New Website Offers Spiritual Fitness to the Weary Body and Soul

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