Gena’s Bio

Gena Livings is a Wellness Writer, Artist, Spiritual Practitioner of Healthy Living and Founder of 

She is also the author of Eat Healthy for Balance and Wholeness  A conscious food guide for building awareness and honoring your body temple, Saturday’s With Bob  Life Changing Golf Lessons for Mind, Body and Spirit and the complementary on-line guidebook, The Livings Key Principles  For creating wholeness, peace and health from the inside out! 

Gena radically redesigned her life after spending eighteen years in a high-stress corporate environment that left her body and spirit utterly depleted. 

She studied anatomy, physiology, pathology, sports medicine, nutrition, lifestyle modification coaching and fitness training before obtaining her certification as a personal trainer and health and wellness professional. 

She now supports private clients and a growing on-line community with heart-centered, easy and practical ways to balance mind, body and spirit.

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