How Do You Create A Lifestyle Of Happiness And Well-Being?

In order to create a lifestyle of true happiness, balance and well being you first must journey deep down inside yourself. The answer lies deep within where no one else is looking but you. Happiness is not just something that comes to you; it’s something you choose to create for yourself. Waiting for something to happen or change in order to be happy is putting your life on permanent hold. It is not what happens to you that counts but instead how you choose to “react” and “handle” what happens to you that really matters. It’s your attitude of gratitude that sets the foundation for the rest of your life. When you adopt a positive attitude and are grateful for what already “is” then life becomes much more rewarding and fulfilling instead of just something you simply endure.

Positive emotions give you energy and vitality, while negative emotions completely drain and deplete your life force. When you are excited and happy and living life to its fullest, you radiate with energy and enthusiasm. When you are feeling angry, resentful, or negative for any reason, you feel drained, frustrated and eventually burn out and lose all your life energy. Feelings and emotions are very normal and serve various purposes. For example, anger, guilt, bitterness and hopelessness are a sort of internal guidance system. Negative emotions let us know that something in our lives is out of balance. They can provoke us to action, help us make decisions and alert us to emotional needs that are unmet. While emotional variety can spice up your life, remaining stuck in a prolonged negative emotional state is something to be avoided.

Exercise is one way to foster a positive state of mind and is one of the best things you can do to maintain your mental and physical well being. When the body is healthy and full of vitality the mind will follow. If your body doesn’t feel right, you won’t be in the mood to fully enjoy life and be happy. The hormone believed to be responsible for our feelings of happiness is known as an “endorphin.” The more endorphins we have in our bodies and reaching into our brains, the more content and happier we feel. Exercise has been found to raise the level of endorphins in the body and when this reaches the neurons of the brain, we experience a lifting of the happiness and contentment we feel.

Adopting a positive attitude and exercising takes commitment, planning and dedication. Be patient with yourself and follow your plan through. Strive for a regular routine, one that is realistic and manageable.

Don’t worry about being perfect, instead be kind and appreciate yourself for the person you already ARE. But it’s also very important to begin to make your new healthy lifestyle a “habit” of conscious decision and choice. Becoming a more healthy and happy person is the ultimate goal and the path towards a healthy lifestyle.


  1. Hi Gena. You are so right about positive thinking. I am reading a lot of mindset materials right now (as you might have guessed). Our minds are greater than we can even imagine.

    Exercise is good too. The less you exercise, the more you gain weight, find it harder to move, which can lead to depression.

    I appreciated this post very much.

    All the best,
    Leslie Denning recently posted…Millionaire Mindset: No More ‘JammiesMy Profile

    • Hi Leslie,
      Yes, I agree! Positive thinking and moderate exercise is critical to our well-being. If a person performs the following tasks each day, they will create a lifestyle of healthy living! I’m letting you in on my secret formula! 😉

      Feel Good
      Think happy thoughts
      Speak kindly
      Eat healthy
      Exercise in ways that you enjoy
      Explore nature
      Have fun
      Appreciate Everything

      Healthy Blessings Leslie!
      Gena 🙂

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