My mission is to partner with you to create the life you desire as you hold tightly to your vision, embrace all parts of yourself (even those parts you feel are undesirable) and learn how to love yourself and your body the way God loves you.

The support I offer helps you with healthy living practices and personal peace of mind. 

Our daily work is based around the THOUGHTS we think, the CHOICES we make and the ACTIONS we constantly choose to make.  Healthy Living is achieved when our moods improve, we have more energy, less stress,  more mental clarity, more strength and stamina, better sleep patterns and a lifetime of health and happiness.

My coaching support is for you if:

  • You are open to learn and apply a new way of thinking
  • You are willing to take 100% responsibility for yourself and your life
  • You are willing to make friends with your body and treat it with kindness
  • You are willing to alter the choices you are currently making
  • You are willing to explore your feelings and allow yourself to feel them

To schedule a private session with me  CLICK HERE or call 530-906-1990.  I will answer your questions and give you more detailed information about how to begin coaching.

For coaching rates and details CLICK HERE.

To take the complementary online Mind, Body, Spirit Assessment Test  CLICK HERE. (***I highly recommended that you take this assessment test before you begin coaching with me***)

Spiritual Fitness Assessment Test