2017 Coaching Program



“Living Life in Love”

A Spiritual Journey of Self-Reflection

And the Renewal of the Heart


What does it mean to live your life “in Love?”

When you hear the word Love what images come to your mind? For a moment, picture yourself “in Love.” Are there certain external circumstances or situations that make it easier for you to see yourself living your life filled with Love?   Are you with another person or by yourself? Do you have a particular job or house? Do you need to have a certain amount of money or achieve a particular goal? Do you have a smile on your face? Are you happy and peaceful all the time?

What if your capacity to be “Living Life in Love” depends entirely upon internal experiences instead of external events?

Sustainable happiness cannot be achieved by setting goal’s and then attaining them – although the never-ending cycle of desiring and achieving can create temporary happiness. There is a deeper joy that cannot be diminished by external circumstances. It is independent of any worldly situation. It is felt every moment you are in harmony with God’s Love that abides in your heart.


“When you place your trust in God, Grace enters your heart.”  

~ Gena Livings

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