Coaching Programs & Pricing

I offer a 30 Minute Free introductory phone consultation.  This is to determine if coaching is right for you at this time. To learn more  CLICK HERE or call me at 530-906-1990.  I will answer your questions and give you more detailed information about how to begin coaching.

A private phone coaching session with me is one hour long and includes 2 weeks of email follow up for a reflective questions & answering sharing period. 

Your answers can be realized in a two week coaching support session or it can take several sessions. It is completely up to you and different for each person; therefore, sessions are scheduled one at a time. 

Coaching Rate

If my coaching rate does not currently fit your budget, you can opt to make a donation that feels right for you and your current situation. Giving should only arise from the feelings of gratitude. The right amount will give you a feeling of peace, fairness, and upliftment.

To learn more or to schedule a private session with me  CLICK HERE or call me at 530-906-1990.

Note: If you are interested in coaching with me, I highly recommend that you take the complementary online Mind, Body, Spirit Assessment Test prior to our 30 minute free introductory call. CLICK HERE

Spiritual Fitness Assessment Test