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Peace In The Canyon

Canyon Painting 2Hiking, backpacking, paddling down a river, enjoying my surroundings, is a feeling of utter peace and expansiveness.

All worries feel far away and almost trivial.

When I’m in nature a deep sense of relaxation comes over me, a strong desire to remain in that place— that expansive river canyon and take in all its beauty and majesty.

Whenever I am in that special place that called to me, something happens.

It’s as if I were at the cusp of learning the answer to a great mystery, a revelation that I could have without feeling as if I were simultaneously losing myself, without becoming permanently lost in the dark wilderness of it all.

I feel so connected to the rocks, the sky, the birds, the animals and the plants high above the canyon valley.

I am a part of everything and completely accepted.  I am intensely aware of the great Infinite Joy that permeates everything.

It is as if I’m the only one witnessing the sun rising in the morning, the first one awake in the world besides the birds who were just starting to chirp in the morning sunlight.

When I’m in this peaceful state of mind, I simply allow the beauty of the landscape to wash over me, I let it pull me in and fill me up.

I make connecting to the land wherever I am a regular spiritual practice that nourishes my soul and fills my world with Gods beauty.

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Healthy Blessings,

Gena Livings



  1. Beautiful writing.

  2. Ah, you have a wonderfully fluent writing style. It was a very enjoyable read!

    • Dear Sophie,
      Thank you for reading my article today.
      Sending you gratitude and healthy blessings,
      Gena Livings

  3. Gena
    Beautiful article like you! I felt so peaceful reading the flowing words on the page. I’m inspired to expand and notice more of nature. Thank you for sharing. Sending you live and light.
    Bonnie Gortler recently posted…Quick tips on how to lose weight without dietingMy Profile

    • Dear Bonnie,
      I’m glad you enjoyed my article. I love exploring the natural world and when a location displays examples of Mother Nature’s inspiring natural design, it gets my hearts in a-flutter and brings creative insight to the very heart of my being.

      I love to travel and experience the natural world. I’ve had the opportunity to see so many wonderful places here on earth and I plan to continue the adventure!

      Sending you love and light,

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