Saturdays With Bob

Saturdays With Bob

Life Changing Golf Lessons for Mind, Body and Spirit 


About The Book:  A True Story


Saturdays with Bob: Life Changing Golf Lessons for Mind, Body and Spirit is a one of a kind mentorship story that will improve your ability to create wholeness, peace, and health in your everyday life effectively and successfully.
  • Find ways to tune in to your intuition for higher guidance and insight
  • Discover your highest purpose and reason for being
  • Find out why choosing happiness is essential for your well-being
  • Uncover simple methods for improving your nutritional well-being
  • Learn how to acquire more self-love and acceptance from within
  • Realize why exercise is important for your physical and mental health

Gena Livings was raised in the midst of religious and domestic turmoil that sparked early questions concerning the meaning of God and how to live her life in a way that would serve a higher purpose. In the Spring of 1992, Gena was introduced to Bob, an unconventional golf instructor with an equally unconventional coaching method that changed the “internal course” of her life forever! Bob gifted Gena with some spiritual, yet practical guidelines for living an inspired life that fosters the vibration of love, joy, health, self forgiveness, unity and compassion.

The pages in this book are an attempt to capture the simple, yet graceful wisdom of her teacher through the memory of their dialogues, timeless parables and some personal reflections and insights.

As you read along you will discover how their twelve months (52 Saturdays) together unfolds into a profound friendship and an accessible exploration of the Higher Self.

“This book gives nuggets of practical and spiritual wisdom for living everyday life and a challenge to look at life from a higher perspective. This book will help you to awaken to the simple grace of love’s presence and inspire you to ‘swing away’ towards your highest dream.”   
 ~ Penny McDaniel, Spiritual Teacher and Theologian

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