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“What a revelation to know that I didn’t have to passively accept my body the way that it WAS any more. Gena customized a fitness and toning program specifically designed to help me manifest the vision I have for my body. She is impeccably professional, inspiring and dedicated. I’m thrilled with the changes I’m experiencing and the possibilities that are awakening as I develop a new relationship with my body.”

Lisa Schrader, Author & Founder of Awakening Shakti

“Gena listened to my goals, then designed a routine targeting the exact areas I wanted to work on. She taught me dozens of new exercises, that I have been able to maintain on my own. Gena mixes up the sessions so you are never bored, and shows you several different ways to challenge the same muscle groups. She keeps you moving the entire hour. After 20 sessions with Gena, I dropped from a size 30 jeans to 27.”

Gretchen Littlejohn – Executive Producer- KCRA Channel 3 News

“Gena Livings is an INSPIRING woman! A few years ago I was confronted with a serious health issue. Gena gave me a new perspective in the way I saw and managed my own health. During my recovery, Gena would call me and encourage me to go for walks with her. She would encourage me to take very small steps towards moving my body every day, even if it was just for 15 minutes. She talked about the importance of staying positive and minimizing the stress and toxic people in my life. She had a holistic approach to health and fitness. She taught me that the mind, body, and spirit are connected and the importance of treating my body with respect and honour because it is the only one we have in this lifetime. She’d say, “Listen to your body Brenda. It will tell you what it needs from you. Tune it, pay attention to it. Gena Livings is a gift to people all over the world. She is smart, competent, caring, and inspiring. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs help, guidance, and encouragement with their health!”

Brenda T. Horton – Co-owner Hware

“I have had the privilege of working with Gena for approximately 6 months on a weekly basis. She is very inspirational and encouraging. Gena assessed my fitness and helped to customize and revise, when needed, a program that would give me the results I was looking for. Getting fit can be very challenging both mentally and physically! Gena is highly knowledgeable about training techniques and very passionate about her client’s success. I made excellent progress toward my fitness goals in working with her! I highly recommend Gena, she is a wonderful person and a great trainer.”

Audrey Cheek – Realtor

“As a personal trainer, Gena was very attentive to my individual workout needs but always kept the big picture in the back of her mind. Gena changed up the routines to keep my workouts varied so my body wouldn’t get used to the same exercises. She showed me the basic forms and explained each exercise in detail. She always took care to make sure I understood the benefits of each exercise. As a person, Gena was easy to talk to. I truly felt like she listened to me on many levels and help me out by guiding me towards what my mind and body needed. Gena gave me the confidence I needed, not only physically but also mentally. She made me realize that I should appreciate and love myself for who I already am and that I owed it to myself to take care of ME, too.”

Lily Johnson – Stay at home mom

“Gena Livings is a competent, knowledgeable personal trainer, concerned not only with physical fitness but with mental well-being. She carefully evaluates each individual to determine if there are physical problems or health issues that may limit an exercise routine. Gena stresses good nutrition as well as regular, appropriate exercise, assigning exercises based on the individual’s level of fitness and age. Gena is a considerate, kind person, easy to talk to and a good listener. She promotes mindfulness in one’s daily activities as well as balance in one’s life. It is also important to note that Gena herself is in very good physical condition, obviously practicing what she preaches.”

Nancy Lee Woody – Retired


Gena Livings is a compassionate, honest, inspiring woman who is caring, an enthusiastic dedicated coach, who shares her positive energy and wisdom. Gena is the creator, the author of the Livings Key Principles. She shares her philosophy with you to engage, explore, and experience living a healthy lifestyle.

Zig Ziglar wrote, “You never know when one kind act, or one word of encouragement, can change a life forever.”

 This quote by Zig Ziglar describes the impact of what Gena Livings has done for me, her words of encouragement, from the first positive intriguing tweet on Twitter which inspired me to call and start working with her over the internet in September 09.  Even though we lived miles and miles away, I was able to get into action immediately through E mails and a monthly coaching call. Through her mentorship, Gena has made a lasting impression that has change my life. Gena helped me find a natural gift inside of me that I did not even know that I had. Gena kept me accountable to myself, guiding and teaching me step by step, patiently, compassionately, gently  without ever telling me what to do and that I had to lose weight  like so many others in my life.  Gena’s style, the way she gets her message across, brings out the best of your self confidence, gives you joy, inspires you  to keep moving forward, to believe and not to give up on yourself, that you can do anything you put your mind to.

 Her dedication and action through her communication and wisdom speaks loudly,

How many times in your life have you tried lose weight, go on a diet, and not able to lose weight or if you did, you put it back on and sometimes even more.  With Gena’s loving spirit, patience and wisdom it is possible to create change and get out of your own way.  Gena will guide you on a journey to a healthier lifestyle of health and well being.  Gena has touched my life, is a precious jewel which has left a unique mark, a gift that I will always remember and cherish.

 From not being able to walk a half a block without pain, never exercising before, eating unhealthy and altering my choices and change was necessary.  I have learned from Gena to listen and nourish the body with good healthy foods, the importance of consistent exercise and I have become a weight loss champion losing 62 pounds, the healthy way from the inside out.

 Gena’s online Spiritual Fitness program is effective, action oriented, fun, and powerful. Gena program opens up a new world contributing innovative ideas, sharing valuable tools and techniques to be successful, to learn the value and benefits in the areas of  physical, emotional,  mental, and spiritual health. Keeping a daily journal of food, exercise, and a daily gratitude journal are valuable tools to success.

 Are you ready to the work? If the answer is yes you can succeed with Gena

 Gena is organized, an action oriented dedicated coach that will support you reach your desired goals.  If you take responsibility to create change in your life, open to learning and applying a new way of thinking to achieve your goals, and go on a health and wellness journey then Gena is an ideal choice for you to hire to be your coach. Gena’s teaching style is simple, valuable, and designed for YOU. It’s achievable to keep moving, explore and feel your feelings and move forward applying the concepts that you learn at your pace. Gena’s one on one coaching sessions that is part of the program review what you have done together during the month, are effective and inspire you to believe you can break through the next barrier and get through challenges that you have to achieve your desired goals.  Feel her passion shines through her words that she writes, her voice when she speaks, and feel inspired to take action and feel your fear and do it anyway.

It will take time, patience, and practice to create change but you can do it. Take the first step, act today to rediscover new possibilities in your life and soar to new heights and bring out your burning desire inside.  You can create a vision if you don’t have one; believe in your vision and your own personal power which is inside of you. Persevere and never give up on yourself. Spiritual Fitness with Gena Livings can guide you to spread your wings and fly, to rise to your potential and be the best that you can be.

 Bonnie Gortler


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