The Well-Being Workout

People ask me “EVERYDAY” how I keep my body looking FIT and my Spirit ELEVATED!

Well, for starters…

    These are a just a few of my secrets…

  •  I strengthen EVERYONE I meet with encouraging words and random acts of kindness
  • I reflect on thoughts that are true, good, pure and loving
  • I tap into my minds power to heal my body by thinking loving thoughts because love is healing
  • I take responsibility for my own health and well-being
  • I become love by exercising loving thoughts
  • I cool down my temper and I stretch my awareness
  • I exercise to condition my heart muscle and I always perform three reps of kindness!
  • I practice all the principles outlined in The Livings Key Principles, which is an online guidebook for creating wholeness, peace and health from the inside out!

May your day be filled with Healthy Blessings!


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