What Would Happen If Our Fruits and Veggies Had Poor Body Esteem?


Oh My!! 

What would happen if our fruits and veggies actually had poor body esteem and didn’t feel comfortable in their own skin? I suppose it would look something like this picture! 

Do YOU suffer from poor body esteem?

Just because your hair isn’t perfect or your weight isn’t ideal doesn’t mean you can’t highlight and enjoy your gorgeous eyes or your radiant smile. You’re not all good or all bad so VALUE who you are as a WHOLE person, instead of focusing on all the things you dislike about yourself.

Becoming a more healthy and happy person is the ultimate goal and path towards a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE by loving and accepting every part of yourself inside and out.

You are a “delicious” creation of God!! 

Below are some ways to improve your body image!

1. Listen to your body. Eat when you are hungry.

2. Be realistic about your size.  Your body frame is based on your genetic and environmental history. 

3. Exercise regularly in an “enjoyable” way, regardless of your size.

4. Expect normal weekly and monthly fulgurations in weight and shape.

5. Work towards self-love and declare your uniqueness.  There will never be another you; another who is exactly like you! 

6. Be true to yourself.  Live the life you have envisioned for your self.  Don’t look to others for approval; look within, and you will find it all.

7. Ask for support and encouragement from friends and family when life is stressful.

8. Decide how you wish to spend your energy – pursuing the “perfect body image” or enjoying family, friends, and most importantly – LIFE! 

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Healthy Blessings,

Gena Livings 


  1. Very great advice! The more you really love yourself just as you are, the more likely you will evolve to being more like how you want to be anyway and be joyful in the journey.



    • Well said Kathy! Thank you for commenting and may “all” people come to enjoy a positive body image forever more!!
      Healthy Blessings,
      Gena 🙂 🙂

  2. I cannot stress this enough: I LOVE THIS POST. I’m planning to share it on FaceBook tonight or tomorrow. It’s all so simple yet difficult to live, isn’t it. Thanks for the reminder!

    • Thank you for Sharing Ramona! I’m so glad you “like” and I hope these suggestions help to bring forth light to the importance of maintaining a positive body image for all!
      Healthy Blessings,
      Gena 🙂 🙂

  3. Well this is a dandy post. I love the poster. Did YOU create that? Thank you!!!!!

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed this post today Sara!!
      Healthy Blessings! 🙂 🙂

  4. Cute observation.

  5. Wow, this is a great and eye opening post. Thanks so much for writing this up.

  6. This is excellent. Only once you love yourself can you move with more confidence. Thanks 🙂

    • Absolutely right on Rainbow! 🙂
      Healthy Blessings and thanks for commenting,
      Gena 🙂

  7. Gena, I just love what you did with those fruits! They really sent home a message. Loved it!

  8. I love the picture! and your advice as well especially point no.5! 🙂

    • Thank you Dina! I’m so glad you enjoyed this post. Thank’s again for your comment.
      Healthy Blessings,
      Gena 🙂

    • Thank you Amelia!
      Healthy Blessings,
      Gena 🙂

  9. Wonderful post, Gena! Loving ourselves leads to making better decisions about ourselves so we feel good! Great advice.

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting Penny! Cheers to making healthy choices!
      Healthy Blessings! 🙂

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