goodmoodfoodDid you know that what you eat and drink actually affects your moods?

Sometimes negative emotional states come not from your heart, but from your intestines. 

I know this very well!  Whenever I skip a meal I become irritable and not very fun to be around. 

One way to brighten up your mood is to increase the proportions of fresh, uncooked vegetables and fruits in your diet and increase the frequency of your meals. 

This helped me to balance my blood sugar levels and lift my mood.

A diet high in unprocessed nutrients with a full array of enzymes will also help you assimilate (absorb) the foods you eat.

These high water content foods also provide fiber necessary for good elimination. 

Eating mostly raw foods also promotes weight loss, while ensuring high quality nutrition and vitality.

Ultimately, you are the final authority over how you feed your body, and you have to find what really works best for you. 

It’s best to favor experimentation over rigid rules because good nutrition involves lifelong learning and practice. 

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Healthy Blessings,

 Gena Livings

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