When It Comes To Your Weight – Don’t Focus On The Numbers

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When it comes to your weight don’t focus so much on the numbers.  Healthy bodies come in all shapes and sizes and the only thing that matters is that you are “healthy.” 

A healthy body weight is a combination of a healthy weight range based on your individual body build and how you feel physically. 

You’ll feel better and have more energy when you develop healthy living habits that come so naturally and feel so normal that you hardly think about them. Normalize your life by being regularly active and keeping yourself well nourished without dieting. Take care of your health, but don’t obsess over it or struggle for perfection. Find a satisfying balance of wellness and wholeness that works for you at this time in your life and helps you live the way you want. 

One of the greatest gifts we can give each other is to respect and honor our individual size diversity. In this size-focused society it’s more important to be a role model who radiates positivity, healthy living, confidence, self-respect and friendliness.

Healthy Blessings!

  Gena Livings

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  1. Great post! It is all about being healthy and happy and not any other particular qualities.


    Vive la difference!!!


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