Who My Clients Are

My clients are healthy and authentic minded individuals. 

My clients focus on the positive.

My clients want to integrate more balance into their daily lives. 

My clients value “inner-health” as the cornerstone of overall well-being and see that as the primary goal towards achieving external results. (which naturally come as a result). 

My clients want to work from the inside out and they understand that Internal SHIFTS create external results. 

My clients understand the spiritual perspective that holds the body as sacred.  

My clients want programs that are convenient, flexible, easy and enjoyable. 

My clients want the experience of wholeness and peace. 

My clients want to be inspired not pressured, pushed or judged.

How do I start coaching?

You can e-mail me directly by Clicking Here or call 530-906-1990. I will answer your questions and give you more detailed information about how to begin coaching.


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